Ledyatt Trout Fishery
Ledyatt Trout Fishery
Waw, 16lb ish. Super Mega

Floating line, one peg up from bails on a daddy.

Let's hope your next

David #ledyatttroutfishery
Ledyatt Trout Fishery
Ledyatt Trout Fishery
Very happy with this beauty of a Mega.

One peg up from the bails, floating line and a sedge.


David #ledyatttroutfishery
Ledyatt Trout Fishery
Ledyatt Trout Fishery
I am extremely optimistic that we in Scotland will join with the rest of the UK and get fishing soon.

I propose the following once permitted to open, helping keep us all safe and abide by current guidelines. (These may change from time to time)

If you have any symptoms PLEASE DON'T risk leaving the house.

We will ask to take your temperature using a contacless digital thermometer, if it shows a temperature of 37.5C or above, we will not permit you to fish and strongly advise you to return home immediately and contact your health professional.

No full cars unless you are all from the same address.

I plan on holding 3x 5 hours sessions daily.

Max 25 rods per session.

Please arrive as close to start time as possible. Customers arriving for second or third sessions will not be permitted to enter the fishery till the anglers from previous session have departed, helping to keep us safe and not overcrowd the car park.

Gates open 4am, first session starts at 5am and ends at 10am.

The gates will be CLOSED at 5.30am to stop overcrowding and breaching guidelines.

Please can everyone tackle down quickly and be ready to depart by 10.30am, unless booked for next session.

Second session starts 11am-4pm.
Gates closed at 11.30am.
Session ends 4pm, please tackle down quickly and depart by 4.30pm, unless booked for next session.

Third session 5pm till close.
Gates close at 5.30pm.

Prefer credit/ debit card, PayPal or BACHS. Cash option is available.

Office closed.
No hot food or drinks.
Cans and snacks available.
One way system in operation (clockwise, see signs)
You may bring your own net provided we witness it being dipped.
We will not be able to weigh any fish.
No rod hire or equipment share.
One family at a time in kids pond (pre booked)
Disposable gloves available.
Hand washing facilities available.
Hand sanitizer available.

We will steralize all touch points regularly throughout the day and between sessions.

Please be responsible and respect all advice from fishery staff and always follow government guidelines.

I know many will want to fish more than 5 hours, please understand we are putting these measures in place to allow as many as possible to enjoy the sport in as safe a way as we can.

Nobody has any experience of running a fishery in these times, and it will require your support to help things go smoothly, as well as making changes when the government advice changes.

Looking forward to welcoming you all to The Home of the Mega soon.

David #ledyatttroutfishery
Ledyatt Trout Fishery
Ledyatt Trout Fishery
Good morning from ledyatt.

David #ledyatttroutfishery
Ledyatt Trout Fishery
Ledyatt Trout Fishery
Ledyatt looking majestic.

Fingers crossed everyone

David #ledyatttroutfishery
Ledyatt Trout Fishery
Ledyatt Trout Fishery
These are the conditions....

Broken cloud, near flat calm and reasonably mild. The fish are not showing in huge numbers, but can be seen taking from just under the surface.

I'm going with a floating line, 10ft leader a Tully fly on point and a yellow Owl on a short dropper. My alternate is a Taffbargoed Daddy on point and a sedge on dropper.

Wonder which will prove more delicious to the Megas????